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Maintaining the wellbeing of employees and the environment

Maintaining the wellbeing of employees and the environment Baku Oil Services management recognizes the importance of health, safety and environmental protection and accepts its obligation without exception. Health, safety and environmental protection are primary issues and all measures to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our employees are of paramount concern to us.

Baku Oil Service's Health, Safety & Environmental policy and Health, Safety & Environmental Protection Management System have been designed, developed and implemented to meet the international Health, Safety and Environmental Standard IOS 14001 1996. The effectiveness of our HSE Protection Management System is based upon ongoing safety training programs and incentives schemes, which encourages participation all employees.

Baku Oil Services believes that safe and healthy working conditions are the most critical concern to all personnel involved in the execution of a project. Prior to project commencement, a Healthy and Safety Plan is developed specific to that project, which includes Client's site safety rules and conforms to international health and safety standard requirements.

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