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Plant & Equipment Hire

The company has a large fleet of Compressors suitable both for offshore and onshore works with varying capacity from 250 CFM to 1000 CFM. In Azerbaijan our compressors are all certified for use by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Azerbaijan Republic and are in a state of readiness. A planned maintenance schedule ensures that our clients will have minimal downtime due to faulty mechanisms. Apart from this we also have different sizes of Generators, Heavy load Forklifts (up to 15 MT capacity) & Cranes (50 MT capacity) and various Blasting / Painting and Insulation sets. This equipment can be mobilized within the region at a short notice.

Skilled Manpower Supply

We specialize in the supply of competent trade tested and certified operatives of different profiles both from Baku and abroad to our local and international clients. Baku Oil Services, holds a license from the labor ministry for the secondment of manpower from Baku. Our supply contracts vary from lump sum supplies to recruitment and pay rolling services, when we undertake the complete service from mobilization of medically fit, trade tested competent operatives to the preparation of payrolls and payments to individual accounts. Our manpower supply comes with a guarantee of immediate replacement, increase in numbers and variances in trades at the client's first request. We have provided up to 400, working for insulation contractors under this arrangement in Sakhalin and Kazakhstan.


Our extensive training facility has been set up in the base of Baku Oil Services in Baku, Azerbaijan, for both practical and theoretical training courses in various disciplines such as sheet metal fabrication, insulation & cladding, specialist painting, corrosion protection, sandblasting, surface preparation Chartek application and scaffolding. At the request of clients, intensive training programmes are developed and organized for various skill levels & for various trades with the help of both qualified in-house trainers and visiting trainers who are leading specialists in their respective fields.


With sound technical expertise in handling and executing painting, blasting insulation and HVAC projects we have carved a reputation in the field for our excellent performance in line with all internationally recognized standards for quality and safety. Our forte lies in rapid provision of highly qualified manpower both local and expatriate and strong supervisory skills in the various trades combined with high standards of quality, safety and on time completion. Our Client list consists of high profile companies known for their demanding quality and safety standards.

Our range of services for execution of different
projects includes:
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Inspection services for Painting & Insulation
  • Industrial & Chemical Coating
  • Cold, Hot Insulation services
  • GRP installation & repairing services
  • Scaffolding services

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